The Ultimate Bike Bonding Rider Course (BBBRC)

Bike Bonding refers to the connection and interaction of the rider and motorcycle. Bike Bonding brings a new level of excitement to our RideCourse offerings.

The MSF Ultimate Bike Bonding RiderCourse (UBBRC) has no classroom and is a partial day riding course designed to provide a low risk, effective, and enjoyable training event for participants who have riding experience. The general objective is for you to practice bike bonding skills on your own motorcycle. The course is typically only four to five hours of riding with breaks.

The overall aim of the UBBRC is to help riders develop smooth and precise control as they manipulate primary motorcycle controls and develop their riding procedures and techniques. Good bike bonding helps a rider automate physical skills so they can devote more attention to road and traffic conditions (searching and evaluating). It helps a rider to be a better decision-maker. A primary value of having good bike-bonding is how it transfers to actual on-street riding in the from of smooth control inputs and more spare "mental capacity" with which to strategize (use SEE).

To participate you should have sufficient riding skills and experiences to operate a motorcycle with basic proficiency. You must provide proof of license and insurance. Additionally your motorcycle must pass a T-CLOCS inspection.

The UBBRC consists of 9 riding exercises, the following are examples of some of the exercises you'll ride:

ZIGZAG: The exercise uses a similar path of travel as Basic Bike Bonding RiderCourse, but stop points are added for stopping in a straight line and stopping in a turn.

CIRCLE WEAVES: This exercise uses three circles with differing radii. Riders choose a circle, riding clockwise or counter-clockwise, through a weave. The challenge increases as riders gain confidence to ride the smaller circle.

SWITCHBACKS: The Switchbacks challenge a rider's low-speed maneuvering skill and help them bond with their motorcycle. "Snap Steering" is introduced as quickly turning the handlebars to a point at or near the steering lock limit. The path is referred to as a teardrop to help negotiate the exercise.

LOLLIPOPS: An exciting, yet challenging exercise, consisting of a circuit of slaloms and circles of progressively decreasing sizes.

CIRCUIT TRAINING: This exercise is a capstone for bike bonding at low speed. There are four separate stations: a T-intersection followed by a Figure 8 and another T-intersection followed by a Bowtie. This may be the coolest of the exercises!

SHARING THE ROAD: This exercise is a continuous path of travel that reinforces the social aspect of sharing the road, gap selection and leaving space for others. This exercise allows riders to focus on continuous improvement of the application of skills and knowledge to manage risks.

The Bike Bonding RiderCourses will fast become one of the most valuable classes a new or experienced rider can take to enhance, renew, and refresh their skills. These courses are a part of the philosophy of Safety Renewal, were a rider must continuously take advantage of opportunities to build upon both the Mental and Physical skills needed to be a life long "Learning" rider.


Ultimate Bike Bonding Courses will become available at:


Columbus Airport (East & West)

4800 Middle Rd.
Columbus, IN 47201

Classroom located at 3252 Market Place Drive, Edinburgh, IN 46124 (Adjacent to Mann's HD)

NOTE: There are 2 Ranges in Columbus, they are listed individually so when reviewing availability please look at both the East and West locations (they are essentially the same)


We look forward to seeing you in Class!

Rescheduling/Refund Policy

REFUNDS: We do not refund class fees once scheduled. The reason for not refunding is that the costs that you pay are immediately committed to pay for Rider Coaches, Training Manuals, Facility costs, etc. that we can't get back. Further, the costs exceed the cost you pay (we receive a reimbursement from the state to offset these costs). So once you're signed up, you're guaranteeing you'll be there and ready to train and we guarantee the training will be provided. 

RESCHEDULING POLICY: If a participant needs to reschedule a class and notifies us at least 30 days prior to the original class start date, we will provide a Coupon Code for 50% off. the Participant can then sign up for the course of their choosing and use the Coupon towards that class. Due to the expenses incurred, we will not be able to make a refund of the initial class scheduled. Finally the Coupon Code will only be valid for 5 days from the date of receiving the code. This just means that the participant must pick and register for the class of their choosing within those 5 days (the class can be any date available at the time of registration).

In addition, if a Rider Coach determines that it is to dangerous to continue the course we will do all we can to coordinate a time with you finish off the information/training from the point of where the training was stopped OR get you into another class at the determination of the Rider Coach. Frankly, in 3 years we have not had a weekend that has been forced to be rescheduled. It has rained and training delayed but we've always been able to work it out so that everyone could complete the training. One note: We do train in the rain and the cold so please dress appropriately. Classes will be stopped for lightening or severe weather, only while the severe weather is in the vicinity. After the weather has passed classes will be continued.

NOTE REGARDING CLASS TIMES: Weekend classes are normally scheduled from 8am to 5pm. Some classes will be offered with a Friday, Saturday, Sunday schedule where the weekend days are a half day schedule. None the less, times are estimated: weather, the amount of time it takes to meet objectives and a host of other things can make classes take longer. If you have to leave prior to the end of the class, you won't be able to meet all of the objectives and therefore won't be successful. Please don't schedule a follow on appointment for 5:30, there are just too many variables and we are always looking for your success!