We will be offering Advanced Classes starting soon.


Courses will include:


Basic Bide Bonding: Click Here for More Info


And the


Ultimate Bike Bonding: Click Here for More Info



Advanced Classes will become available at the following sites:


Columbus Airport (East & West)

Columbus, IN 47201

NOTE: There are 2 Ranges in Columbus, they are listed individually so when reviewing availability please look at both the East and West locations (they are essentially the same)


We look forward to seeing you in Class!







Rescheduling/Refund Policy

REFUNDS: We do not refund class fees once scheduled. The reason for not refunding is that the costs that you pay are immediately committed to pay for Rider Coaches, Training Manuals, Facility costs, etc. that we can't get back. Further, the costs exceed the cost you pay (we receive a reimbursement from the state to offset these costs). So once you're signed up, you're guaranteeing you'll be there and ready to train and we guarantee the training will be provided. 

RESCHEDULING POLICY: If a participant needs to reschedule a class and notifies us at least 30 days prior to the original class start date, we will provide a Coupon Code for 50% off. the Participant can then sign up for the course of their choosing and use the Coupon towards that class. Due to the expenses incurred, we will not be able to make a refund of the initial class scheduled. Finally the Coupon Code will only be valid for 5 days from the date of receiving the code. This just means that the participant must pick and register for the class of their choosing within those 5 days (the class can be any date available at the time of registration).

In addition, if a Rider Coach determines that it is to dangerous to continue the course we will do all we can to coordinate a time with you finish off the information/training from the point of where the training was stopped OR get you into another class at the determination of the Rider Coach. Frankly, in 3 years we have not had a weekend that has been forced to be rescheduled. It has rained and training delayed but we've always been able to work it out so that everyone could complete the training. One note: We do train in the rain and the cold so please dress appropriately. Classes will be stopped for lightening or severe weather, only while the severe weather is in the vicinity. After the weather has passed classes will be continued.