Welcome to M Y Motorsports.

M Y Motorsports was created with one thing in mind, Improving the Safety of Motorcycle Enthusieists from beginners to long experienced riders. As experienced professionals we thuroughly believe our moto "A Safer You, is a Safer Me"! Since our creation we have continued to grow, allowing us to provide even more training to more people. We are one of the few State Providers and all of our training follows the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's (MSF) curriculums. MSF is has national acceptance as the leader in motorcycle training and offers the only curriculum recognised by the Military.

All of the RiderCoaches at M Y Motorsports are dedicated to providing the best possible training available, anywhere in the country. All have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they not only have the experience on the road and a life long dedication to safety and learning, but also the professionalism needed to protect a safe and fun learning environment that allows each individual maximum gains in each class coached.

This year we are concentraiting on getting new riders into the sport by conducting as many MSF Basic Rider Courses - Updated (BRC-U) as possible for both two wheel and three wheel motorcycles. Many in Indiana have come to know and call the older version of this course the "ABATE" course due to the many years that they taught it in the state.  In reality the course follows the Motorcycle Safety Foundations (MSF) curriculum. Starting late last year MSF began providing an Update to the cirriculum to inprove the fun, safety and learning throughout the course. M Y Motorsports could clearly see the vast improvement and have immediately adopted it.

Ride Safe!

To contact us, please email us at: info@myridercourse.com

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